Yearbook Pricing

Pricing your Yearbook

Most schools choose a $20 to $25 price target for their book - don't forget to consider sponsorships and personalized messages, which can easily cut $3 to $6 off your final per-book cost, allowing you to achieve your price target with an even better book!


Our design fee isn't just for printing your yearbook, it includes photography, photo editing, layout, and more. Details...

Interactive Calculator

pricing is for the 2017-2018 school year
Hardcovers available; contact for a custom quote (approx. $4 over Perfect Bind)

    Price Price per Book
Quantity: books
Design Fee:
Print Handling:
Color: pages
Black & White: pages
Sponsor Pages:
Page Count:
Blank Pages:
Sponsor Revenue: (from below) () ()
Adjusted Total:


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Our design fee level increases as the number of content pages in your book increases; this not only pays for the extra design work but includes photographic coverage of more events to help you fill those extra pages!

Binding prices include a full-color custom designed front and back cover.

Perfect bind includes three blank sheets (6 pages) at the end of the book for additional signature space.

Hardcover binding is available. Contact us for a custom quote (prices are typically about $4 more than a Perfect Bind would be). Hardcover binding requires more turnaround time - 6 weeks minimum.

Sponsorships or Personalized Messages

These are a great way to help lower the cost of your yearbook, allowing you to get a better book for a better price. We will do the work of scanning and/or laying out files your parents and sponsors send us, and we don't count sponsor pages when calculating our design fee! That makes the process easy, painless, and risk-free.


In our experience, schools that sell black & white eighth-page units for $20 sell around 6 or 7 pages worth - that's enough to cut $3 to $6 off the final cost of each book!

Print Units/Page Price/Unit Unit Sales Pages Profit/Book
See "Adjusted Total" in the calculator above to see the effect on your bottom line!

Enter your desired pricing and anticipated unit sales to see the effect on your book price.

Remember, you will probably sell some larger sponsorships and messages. A half page would count as 4 units if your units are 1/8 page each.

For example, if you want to sell black & white eighth-page units for $20 each and expect to sell around 48 units, choose "Black & White", "8", "$20", and "48." You will see your anticipated per-book profit to the left and the effect it will have on your bottom line in the calculator above.

Download the Calculator    Pricing for 2017-2018 year

Our price calculator can be downloaded as an Excel spreadsheet if you want to work with it offline, or save your results and pass it on to others.

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