EMI Photography Yearbooks

Complete School Yearbook Packages

We do full-service school yearbooks. This means we can take professional photos (in addition to using parent and teacher photos), design and lay out a customized yearbook, and print the finished product. We can even supply you with customized order forms and posters to make selling the books easier for you.

We do our best to make the process as hands-off for you as possible. Other yearbook companies make you take and collect all the photos, crop them, and lay them out individually on each page before sending the final product on to them - basically, you do all the work and they just print it! Parents have told us their Yearbook Committee had to volunteer upwards of 600 hours every year to get their yearbooks completed, but for a comparable price we do the vast majority of the work - we even take professional photos!

Read on to get a better idea of what we do for you, and what your responsibilities are as part of your PTA or Yearbook Committee. Most of your responsibilities can be handled through email and a few face-to-face meetings with us, plus some advertising and sales activities in your school and community.

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Professional Photography

As part of our yearbook service, our professional photographers will cover 5 to 8 pre-scheduled events at your school (depending on the size of your yearbook), plus three unscheduled drop-bys at our convenience for candid photos (playground, lunch, in-class, etc.). This gives us thousands of great photos to choose from, and goes a long way to filling out the book.

Your responsibility is to give us a list of what you want us to cover and our professional photographers will get some great shots for your yearbook. Dates are available on a first-asked, first-served basis, and for certain simultaneous but popular events like Halloween, we may only be at your school for a short time. (This is usually covered in our first meeting.)

A Secure and Easy Drop Box

With our easy, secure, one-way online drop-box, parents and teachers can submit all their photos straight to us. You won't have to sort through them to filter out the best, because we will do that for you (unless you want to!). We will even custom-design fliers for you to put in your students' "Friday Folders" (or your school's equivalent) to help remind parents to submit their photos.

Your responsibility is to encourage parents and teachers to submit their photos, and to ensure someone is photographing an event you want in the book (if it isn't one we're covering for you ourselves). If you want headshots in the yearbook, you are also responsible for contacting your school's headshot photographers and requesting copies of the headshots (this typically means calling them once or sending them an email).

Design and Layout

No more templates, no more generic covers with your school name in one corner. We'll work with you to lay out the book exactly how you want it. Most schools go for our typical streamlined, high-density layout style to maximize the number of photos in the book, but we are 100% flexible and can put your photos together just how you want.

Your yearbook covers, both front and back, will be a full-color design of your own choosing: a photo of your school, a photo of the graduating class or whatever you desire.

Your design and layout responsibilities are to tell us what sort of layout you want, and what different events and sections you want in the book. For example, do you want one page for each class with a group shot and some candids, or two pages for each class, with individual headshots and some candids? Do you want your Jogathon in the book? How many pages of playground candids? Afterschool programs? Etc. (This is usually covered in our first meeting.) If you want captions on certain photos, you are responsible for supplying us with those.

Later Deadlines

Because we are a local, Santa Barbara-area business, and we use local printing companies, we are able to have a relatively quick turnaround time. Other yearbook companies want you to submit your finished product to them around the end of March, but we don't have to finalize everything until four weeks before your delivery date, meaning we usually have until the beginning of May. This allows you to get many more fun Spring activities into your yearbook (Spring really does seem to be the 'funnest' time of the school year for your students).

Your responsibility is to enjoy the extra time you have to get everything else done!

Ads, Sponsorships, and Personalized Messages

Advertising (or "sponsorships") and personalized messages from students' parents are a great way to cut the costs of your yearbook - or sell a better yearbook for the same price. Most schools are able to reduce the cost the costs of their yearbook $3 to $6 per book through sales or sponsorships or personalized messages (our online price calculator is a great way to determine the impact of sponsorships).

Because we allow you to add more pages up to just four weeks before delivery, you have nearly the entire school year to make your sales. We also don't count sponsor/message pages when calculating our design fee (even though we do the layout work and any scanning that is required), meaning the only cost to you will be the printing cost for each page. What this means is you only need to buy the pages that you know you've already sold!

We'll do the layout, if necessary. That means your families can buy a half-page space from you, and submit to us the wording they'd like and a few photos, and we can put together their "Congratulations on Graduating!" message at no extra cost or effort to you.

Your responsibility here is to get the advertisers - we'll supply you with order forms, but the more effort you put into talking to parents and community businesses, the more money you can make to offset your costs. Once you've sold your ads, you are responsible for making sure your advertisers send us their digital files or scannable hardcopy before the deadline.

Order Forms and Posters

Customized order forms and posters with a sampling of your actual yearbook photos are a great way to get people's attention and sell your books. We will design both of these items for you at no charge, twice near the beginning of the year (first sales cycle) and twice more at the end of the year (second sales cycle). We can also give you customized Drop Box fliers and order forms for sales of sponsorships and personalized messages.

Your responsibility is to print and distribute the order forms (usually in your students' "Friday Folders" or your school's equivalent), set up a drop box in your school's office to receive orders, and keep track of orders and payments.

Guiding You

We've learned a variety of techniques to help you maximize your sales, get your book put together at the right pace, reduce your costs through sponsorships, break down the important sections of your book to determine what you need, and run your Yearbook Committee (or equivalent) efficiently. We have worked both with schools that have switched from other yearbook companies, and schools who were entirely new to the process and were putting together their very first book. We are local, and we are here to help you through the process in person!